Workshop summary:

Inspired by the ACM SIGCHI Across Borders Initiative, this workshop focused on ongoing CSCW research in, or about, Latin America.

We sought to position Latin America as the common context that unites students, academic and industry researchers who participated in the workshop.

Our goals were:

  1. To discuss the opportunities and challenges of doing CSCW research centered on Latin America
  2. To collaboratively mentor emerging projects focused on Latin America, and
  3. To make Latin American research projects more visible to the international community.

Senior CSCW researchers from Latin America and other regions were invited to discuss the work presented at the event in order to facilitate a greater integration of Latin American CSCW into the CSCW community at large.

This one-day workshop was held on Saturday November 3, 2018 in New York’s Hudson River Area (Jersey City, NJ), in conjunction with CSCW 2018.

Workshop Objective and Outcomes


Workshop Format and Schedule