Workshop Objective and Outcomes

The main goal of this workshop is to create an engaging space for an open discussion about CSCW research in, or about, Latin America: its opportunities, achievements, challenges, commonalities, and differences with other regions. In that regard, this is not a “traditional” workshop since it does not focus on a particular research subject, theory, technology and/or method. Instead, it focuses on positioning Latin America as a place for CSCW research.

To achieve its goal, this workshop plans to bring together two sets of individuals:

  1. Researchers from Latin America and those with a particular interest in the region, to articulate, discuss, and share experiences about doing CSCW research in Latin America in contrast (or not) to traditional CSCW research conducted in North America and Europe; and
  2. Senior CSCW researchers to contribute to the conversation about a broader articulation of research in Latin America and traditional CSCW research and to engage in collaborative mentoring of CSCW projects centered on Latin America.

Ultimately, we want to advance CSCW projects in Latin America to allow researchers to publish their results in high-quality SIGCHI research venues. This will enable the international CSCW community to understand the issues, and specially opportunities, around doing CSCW research in Latin America. We believe the diversity of ideas, issues, methods, and perspectives brought by Latin American CSCW researchers will enrich the international CSCW community.